January 17, 2021

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Agents find bulletproof vest in Santa Isabel

In addition, they seized marijuana, crack, cocaine, various pieces of firearms, a drum-type magazine, and $ 390 in cash.

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Saint Elizabeth – On October 13, 2020, agents assigned to the Ponce Division of Drugs and Narcotics made the discovery of controlled substances, cash and a bulletproof vest, this amid the results of the Anti-Crime Initiative in the sectors of high criminal incidence and where several incidents of shootings have arisen, such as in the sectors of Barrio Ollas and Playita Cortada in Santa Isabel, in addition to compliance with the Executive Order.

According to information received from the Press Office, agents assigned to the Ponce Division of Drugs and Narcotics went to some stables located in the back where the old School of the Playita Cortada neighborhood is located.

They found 22 sachets and 17 flakes of marijuana, 35 sachets of crack, 11 sachets of cocaine, a bulletproof vest with property number 68566, several pieces of firearm, a drum-type magazine, three plastic containers and $ 390 in cash .

The discovery was made by agent Mario Vargas under the supervision of Sergeant Alberto Cintrón of the Ponce Division of Drugs and Narcotics.

This work was carried out in conjunction with agents assigned to the Canine Unit, Strike Force, Criminal Investigation Corps of the Ponce Area, Santa Isabel District and the Towing Unit of the Puerto Rico Police.

Regarding the finding, the Prosecutor’s Office will be consulted in the Ponce Court, for the corresponding.

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