June 12, 2021

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Agents investigate serious assault in Guayama

The arrested man appropriated the regulation weapon of an agent and fired twice

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Guayama – A person who was arrested on Sunday night in Guayama on charges of attempted murder, violation of the Weapons Law, kidnapping, aggravated robbery and escalation, seized an agent’s regulation weapon and fired twice, confirmed the Policeman.

The man was identified as Anthony G. Colón Maldonado, 34, of Salinas, who was seized with a volley gun at the time of the first arrest.

Colón Maldonado was originally arrested after assaulting a person whose identity was not disclosed in different parts of the body.

The victim was transported by his sister to the Hospital Menonita de Guayama and attended by the doctor on duty, who diagnosed an epidural hematoma on the right side, two open wounds on the head, a parietal and cervical fracture on the right side, for which she was referred to the Medical Center in Río Piedras in critical condition.

Colón Maldonado was brought before the presence of Judge Ingrid Caro, who after hearing the evidence determined cause in all the crimes, indicating a bond of $ 1,500,000, which he could not provide.

While the defendant was booked into the Guayama Command, he appropriated an agent’s regulation weapon, fired two shots and was subsequently arrested. In these events, no law enforcement officer was injured.

This case will be consulted with the prosecutor on duty, for the filing of corresponding charges during today, Monday.

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