November 28, 2020

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Agents seize pistol in vehicle intervention in Ponce

A phone call alerted of detonations from a vehicle

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Ponce – As reported by the Police, on Wednesday night, agents assigned to the Ponce Area Area Plan, seized a firearm, ammunition and a motor vehicle on Eduardo Ruberte Avenue in Ponce.

While the agents made preventive rounds around the place after a call warning of detonations from a vehicle.

The vehicle was described as a BMW, white in color with end plate numbers 970. Subsequently, said vehicle with the same descriptions was located and when it was stopped, the driver threw a firearm on the pavement.

Upon reaching Ruberte Avenue, the driver hit a concrete gate and fled on foot. At the site, a Glock pistol, model 23 with BCSL496 series, .40 caliber, four magazines, 80 ammunition was seized and had an attachment to fire automatically.

In this incident, the BMW vehicle, model 323i, white, license plate EOW970, was seized.

Said occupation will be brought before a Magistrate for its confiscation. The scene was worked by agent Roberto Leandry from Technical Services.

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