June 12, 2021

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Aguadilla Prosecutor’s Office files charges for attempted sexual assault against Police officer

AGUADILLA – Charges for attempted sexual assault, dishonest exposures, and simple assault were brought against agent José Ortiz Rosa, from the Aguadilla District, for an incident early Sunday morning at Teodoro Beach in Isabela.

The Acting Secretary of Justice, Inés Carrau Martínez and the Aguadilla District Attorney, José Aldebol Colón, reported the presentation of the charges.

The investigation was carried out by the prosecutor Armando Alonso González in conjunction with agent Luis Arce Tirado, from the Aguadilla Division of Sexual Crimes of the Police Bureau.

According to the investigation, the injured party was sharing with the defendant Ortiz Rosa and another female in the restaurant owned by the agent.

The second woman left and the now complainant asked to be taken to look for her car, but on the way she fell asleep.

He indicated that he woke up because he felt that someone was touching his genitals and realized that it was Ortiz Rosa. At that moment the young woman realizes that she is on the beach.

The woman said that the now defendant tried forcibly to have sex with her, but managed to escape and on the way he met two police officers to whom he told what happened.

The charges filed against Ortiz Rosa were: one charge of violation of Article 130, Tentative Sexual Assault; one charge for Article 108 Simple Assault and one charge for Article 136 Dishonest Exposures of the Penal Code.

Judge Juan Guzmán Escobar of the Aguadilla Court of First Instance determined cause in all the charges presented and imposed a global bond of $ 10,000, which was provided.

The preliminary hearing was scheduled for January 13, 2021.

An indictment is only an indictment and is not evidence of guilt. The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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