August 4, 2021

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Air conditioning program available to reduce energy consumption | government

Starting today, citizens will be able to apply to participate in the Home Weatherization program (WAP), which is administered by the Public Energy Policy Program (PPPE) of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC).

Manuel Laboy Rivera, secretary of the DDEC urged citizens who meet the established requirements to request to participate in the Home Air Conditioning Program, whose purpose is to contribute to reducing consumption and electricity bills with the installation of electronic equipment and measures efficient in homes, at no cost to the applicant.

The Public Policy law of Puerto Rico establishes the need to comply with a Renewable Energy Portfolio to reach a minimum of 40 percent renewable energy, by or before 2025; 60 percent, in or before 2040; and 100 percent, by or before 2050.

“This time we can assist up to 150 families through this initiative to contribute and achieve the established goals,” said Laboy Rivera.

The air conditioning that is carried out in homes through WAP consists of the replacement of the home lights with LEDs, refrigerators with more efficient ones, air conditioners with more efficient units, shower heads; and from electric heaters by solar heaters.

Work is also done to mitigate health and safety issues, such as installing alarms that detect high levels of carbon monoxide.

And it educates on topics such as energy saving, the presence of fungus, mold and lead in the home, among others.

The director of the DDEC’s Energy Public Policy Program, Yan Carlo Oquendo Ramos, highlighted that eligibility for the Home Air Conditioning program is based on total household income.

“Households whose income is equal to or less than 200 percent of the poverty level established by the United States Department of Energy and presented in the following table are eligible.

You can ask if you are the owner or tenant of the property where you reside. The program will give priority to families with elderly residents, disabilities, and families with children. Through this federal program, the residential sector contributes to the metrics under Law 17 of 2019, the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Law, of reaching 30 percent Energy Efficiency by 2040, ”explained the director of the PPPE.

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