November 27, 2020

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Airbnb includes Puerto Rico in tourism campaign in places in "recovery phase"

The company Airbnb included Puerto Rico among the tourist markets available in the “recovery phase”, this after the blow caused to the tourism sector by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign of Summer of the Tourism Company

Through a press release, the company disclosed that it launched a new program to work hand in hand with local authorities, tourism agencies and non-profit organizations in countries that are already in the phase of recovery for “the promotion of local tourism and economic growth in these destinations.”

Promises medical tourism

Among the first strategic Airbnb alliances around the world are:

· National Park Foundation, United States

· Visit Florida, United States

· Visit Denmark

· French Association of Rural Mayors

· Hadong-gun, South Korea

· Provincial Department of Cul Ture and Tourism of Zhejiang, China

· Discover Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

· Tourism Authority of Bermuda

· Ministry of Tourism and Aviation of The Bahamas

Also, the company highlighted the upturn in domestic tourism. According to Airbnb, the percentage of reservations made in accommodation less than 350 kilometers away went from a third of the platform's reservations to almost half. Consequently, the company announced that it will update its platform so that its users can identify the accommodations close to their home and thus book them easily and simply, as well as a campaign entitled "Travel nearby" in countries that are already in the phase of recovery.

The growth of domestic tourism is already a reality in the regions and countries in the recovery phase. For example, Airbnb bookings in the US are recovering at an accelerated rate. From May 17 to June 6, more nights have been reserved for traveling to Airbnb accommodations in the United States than during the same period last year. Last weekend (June 5-7), for the first time since February, a year-over-year growth in gross booking value (not including cancellations or alterations) was reported for all Airbnb bookings made worldwide.

Airbnb will continue to work hand in hand with local officials and will only encourage safe travel.

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