August 4, 2021

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Alexandra Lúgaro: “We are going to do whatever has to be done to defend our daughter”

The candidate for governor for the Victory Citizen Movement (MVC) Alexandra Lúgaro and her partner, the representative Manuel Natal, reacted tonight through a Facebook Live to the vicious attack made this past Friday by the puppeteer Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa, in his program La Comay on Mega TV, against their youngest daughter.

Visibly affected, the couple thanked the expressions of support and solidarity they have received during the past days, which they described as “very complicated for the family” and “difficult”.

In the video of just over 17 minutes, both Lúgaro and the candidate for mayor of San Juan for the MVC, lament the expressions of the program in which the body of the minor was sexualized.

They have been very difficult days, because when we decided to do this, one understands that part of this is to catch songs, take songs every day, take all kinds of sticks and I have been willing to take those attacks every day. But it is something very different when they mess with your children”Lúgaro commented through tears.

“… take a picture of a family day, where the truth is that I look back and remember how well we had that day, it really was such a beautiful day, we did so many things that day and that a coward comes to sexualize the image of my daughter, and not only sexualize the image of my daughter, that a whole country is discussing the image of my daughter, to some extent, that people out of fanaticism, assign responsibilities to us as your parents for publishing a photo that any father, any mother would publish of their children, sharing with their children ”, reflected the candidate.

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Lúgaro added that “we decided to aspire to political positions here, but we do not give up being a father or a mother in this process and sharing with Valentina what everyone shares with their children and I feel very proud of my daughter ”.

“We are going to do everything that has to be done to defend our daughter,” he warned.

Natal, who said she felt anger, indignation and pain at what happened on the Mega TV program, indicated that they will take action.

“To this person, with the illegal acts he has committed, with the violence he has committed against a minor, you have to pay for those actions and you have to have the full weight of the law. And we are not going to rest until that happens and honestly, everything else goes to the background because if this is not right, nothing we are doing or trying to do for the country makes sense ”.

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