July 30, 2021

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Alexandra Lúgaro will celebrate karaoke to raise funds for her campaign

Photo: EFE / Enid M. Salgado-Mercado / Archive

SAN JUAN – Alexandra Lúgaro, candidate for governor for the Victory Citizen Movement, called on her followers this Friday to participate in a karaoke to raise funds for her campaign and register school officials to work the general elections on November 3.

As Lúgaro explained in a press release, the “Karaoke Marathon” initiative will be broadcast on Sunday on Facebook to raise the money “that we will need for the efforts that we will be carrying out in the final stretch and to recruit additional officials to watch over our votes. the day of the elections ”.

About 25 people will be chosen this Friday to be part of the musical marathon from the Lúgaro committee.

To participate, people will have to download a video on Facebook or Instagram singing their favorite karaoke song and use the hashtag #cantaconlugaro.

“We have already received countless videos on the networks. I am extremely excited to meet the finalists, ”said Lúgaro.

The event will not only be a space for singing, said Lúgaro, because during the interventions with his followers on Facebook, “important information” will be provided about his candidacy, the Citizen Victory Movement and the electoral process.

“It will be a space for virtual fraternization, where we will not only have a good time, but we will also be working for the citizen victory that we will obtain this next November 3.

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