June 14, 2021

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Alexis Joel asks governor after insurer for help not paying her medical expenses

Alexis Joel Hernández a young man who suffered severe burns while studying medicine in Mexico, reported on his Facebook account that the First Medical insurer will not pay a debt of $ 1.3 million for the seven months he spent in the hospital, then of – as he claimed – to make him believe that they would cover his medical expenses.

Given this, he asked the governor Wanda Vázquez for help, after contacting several legislators who did not respond to his messages.

While First Medical , the largest provider of health services for government employees, made me believe that it would cover the bill of the hospital in which I was 7 months, when it came to answering and after going around the matter for months, they reunite me with nothing more and nothing less than with the Vice President to deny the payment of 1.3 million dollars "said Hernánez.

" If it was truly time to be on the patient's side, I hope you answer me differently than the determination of the Insurance Commissioner and all the senators who have ignored my messages, who are clearly on the side of the insurers and who do not care much about the decline that this incident has left on my physical and mental state. "

The young man spent seven months in a military hospital in San Antonio, Texas, receiving treatment. In Mexico he remained hospitalized for a week, but in that country all the treatments had to be paid in advance, for which he was grateful for the donations of Puerto Ricans who helped him exceed his hospitalized time.

On the other hand, I am I am extremely grateful to all the people who have intervened or have looked for different alternatives to help me "he said.

" I add that before I could not go to bed without praying and now I do not pray as often as before. I no longer have the same interest that I used to have to study medicine, because I don't want to be part of a health system that treats patients the way they are treating me, "he published on his Facebook.

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