August 1, 2021

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Alternate president of the EEC says there are no complaints due to lack of balance in early voting

The alternate president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Jessika Padilla Rivera said today that the electoral body does not have before it any complaint regarding the lack of balance in the meetings of the vote at home.

“Only 3 complaints have come to the attention of the Commission and they are not related to that matter,” said Padilla Rivera through the CEE Press Office.

However, on Sunday, when Primera Hora asked her about complaints from people on social networks about the alleged lack of political balance in these votes, the official indicated that there were complaints.

There are complaints on social networks in relation to the configuration of party representation in these votes. There are people who allege that only one party is represented when it is supposed to be a meeting of at least two parties. What can you tell us? Are there complaints, are there investigations? Primera Hora asked Padilla Rivera.

“We have received complaints, they are filed by a citizen or a citizen or commissioner who believes or suspects that some type of electoral crime has been committed and goes to the Police to file a complaint. Ordinarily, the EEC does not receive complaints in terms of being able to process them … Yes, we have learned that complaints have been filed, ”replied the Alternate President of the EEC.

“Yes we have come to know that complaints have been filed, I cannot specify the number, I would have to consult with the Legal Division to be able to specify it, but we do have knowledge that the complaints have been processed,” said Padilla Rivera.

The judge then said that “in the matter of the balance boards that go out to collect the parties, certainly there must be two officials who represent the parties or more than the total of five; however, it is important to determine that if in fact they do not arrive, then, what there is is a single official and how much it affects that route is delayed and does not leave ”.

He added that “in that sense it is that people may be complaining that an official is leaving alone.”

“It is not that an official comes out alone, the question is if the other officials arrived to take stock,” were their expressions yesterday Sunday.

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