March 1, 2021

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Alternatives to learn about Covid-19 | PRESENT

In order to identify best practices to treat and prevent contagion with Covid-19, the Consortium for Clinical Research of Puerto Rico participated in a virtual symposium with health professionals from Northwell Health Center for Global Health, a non-profit organization. profit in New York that has identified alternatives to handle the pandemic in this state.

Dr. Amarilys Silva Boschetti, executive director of the consortium, explained that for several days they discussed with professionals from various parts of the world how to deal with this pandemic. This consortium is part of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

“Puerto Rico has experienced a significant increase in cases and we want to help understand the things that can be done,” explained Silva Boschetti in an interview with THE SPOKESMAN. “We share with the doctors who worked the most difficult days in those hospitals, where they had to practically enable areas of the lobby – which are not for treating patients – to manage the large volume of patients,” he said.

He admitted that, for the moment, the medical treatments that are being used to treat coronavirus patients are the same in the United States and in Puerto Rico. This will be the case when the research that could lead to new drugs and treatments is completed.

“There is definitely some similarity, in what is the standard of care, because we follow the established guidelines to care for Covid-19 patients,” he said.

Dr. Eric Cioe Peña, emergenciologist and director of the Office of Academic Affairs of the Center for Global Health of the Northwell Health medical system, reported that the rate of infections among hospital workers decreased with the use of masks and face shields or ‘face shields’ .

“The number of infections fell to less than what is reflected in the general population,” he said. “The difference was the mask. We are talking about the surgical mask and an eye shield or ‘face shield’. With this combination they protected themselves even by treating a patient with Covid-19 without symptoms, “he explained.

As he said, after hospital staff and visitors were forced to use this type of protection, infections were reduced.

“After this order, we have not had a doctor or a nurse infected with Covid-19. That is part of the learning we have had ”, he indicated. “It is not something that represents a high cost. It is only knowing how to prevent it and it took us many weeks to acquire this learning of how to prevent it, “he added.

They discuss recommendations for the governor

Regarding infections on the island, the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, confirmed that they are reviewing the recommendations that they will send to Governor Wanda Vázquez regarding the executive order that must take effect as of October 3.

They will do so after having met with representatives of the country’s medical and economic sector.

“(On Tuesday) we met with a group of scientists and (yesterday) we did the same with representatives of the economic sector. Now we are evaluating the data discussed in both meetings to send the governor our recommendations so that she can read them, analyze them and, responsibly, make the decisions that she deems necessary in view of a new executive order that will take effect on Saturday, October 3. ”Said the secretary in written statements.

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