November 30, 2020

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AMA rejects lack of attention to employees due to Covid-19 cases | government

The Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA) rejected any negligence in the attention and care of all the agency’s employees, this given the seriousness in public health that Covid-19 has represented.

Josué Menéndez, president of the AMA, assured that “our employees are the footing on which the structure of responsible service and excellence that is offered to passengers is built”.

The official indicated that “all preventive actions have been taken to address the pandemic.

Activating the strict protocols for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting buses, as well as in the office and communal areas of the public corporation. It should be noted that all the protocols were discussed with the leadership of the labor unions that represent our employees ”.

He explained that “our buses are cleaned and disinfected at the end of each service route. In addition, any solid material that a passenger may have left is removed, so that the units are free from any source of contagion. Each driver is kept protected while driving their bus by the acrylic protectors ”.

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