June 12, 2021

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American Institute of Architects of Puerto Rico makes its new Board of Directors official 2021

Hector Ralat Sotomayor

San Juan – The Puerto Rico chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIAPR) formalized its new Board of Directors 2021, which will have a work program that will be in charge of its new president-elect, the architect Héctor Ralat Sotomayor.

Graduated from the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico and with a master’s degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Ralat Sotomayor has more than 20 years of experience in project development, management, planning and design. Currently, it is part of the prestigious firm Marvel Marchand Architects, with offices in San Juan and New York.

The other components of the AIAPR Board of Directors for the year 2021 are the architects: Monique Lugo, vice president; Rafael Osuna, secretary; Roberto Guadalupe, treasurer; as directors the architects Jorge Ramírez Buxeda, AIA; Raquel Marrero, AIA and Maricarmen Connaway, who, along with the architect Miraida Rodríguez Muñiz, associate director, and the architect Eugenio Ramírez Ballagas, AIA, past president, form the board of directors.

“As is our duty, we will continue highlighting the performance of our professionals, celebrating the exaltation of new Fellows, as well as supporting the investiture of new colleagues. As promoters of the diversity of practice, we will seek to attract and highlight the figure of the architect in a diversity of environments, from public service and community management, to business development, academia, and the arts. We wish to initiate a discussion with our leaders in the government with a view to creating the figure of the “Architect of the City”, a concept that has been formally adopted by various government structures in the United States and other countries, ”concluded Ralat Sotomayor , who added that his work schedule contemplates giving continuity to the project that recognizes the contribution of women in the profession and in the architectural environment.

The architect Maena Joglar, a member of the past Board, joins the Committee that is established for these purposes.

“Another goal will be to expand relationships with sister organizations in the construction sector, strengthen our offer of continuing education alternatives on topics related to the new challenges we face, from the importance of design in a post-pandemic world, to the management of insurance and contracts in this context, ”said the new President of AIAPR, a non-profit organization, founded in 1966 and dedicated to promoting and serving the local community of architecture and design professionals.

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