July 24, 2021

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Amor De Jesús launches its new single Por Tí Encontré Mi Voz

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After his solo release with the single And now you come back to me, the singer Amor De Jesús shares her new musical material called For you I found my voice. This last single is a song of his authorship dedicated to his only son Angel de Amor.

For you I found my voice It is a salsa with pop influences arranged by Jorge Rivera. The theme is one of love that may well be dedicated to someone or something that has helped you find yourself fully. In the case of the video clip of the subject that can be found on their YouTube channel, the focus goes directly to the love of mother to child and the sacrifices they often face in order to achieve personal and professional success.

The time at home due to the pandemic and being able to share full time without interruptions with her son led her to be inspired for the composition of this new musical single. Among the modality of recording at home and in the studio, several musicians accompanied the singer in the recording process. Among them: Robert López, Carlos García, David Marcano, Emanuel Navarro, Josué Urbina, Angel Segarra, Abdiel Serrano, Yanille Marrero and Juan Antonio Cordero.

The singer, who also produces all her material, aspires to continue working on songs of her own and of fellow composers in Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Get For you I found my voice on all digital platforms and add it to the list of your favorites.

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