March 9, 2021

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AMPR president says there are still problems with strikeouts in the DE

He explained the problems with the DE’s strikeout system today.

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San Juan – The president of the Puerto Rico Teachers Association (AMPR), Elba Aponte Santos, described on Thursday the problems that teachers and teaching personnel still face with the nominal registration system in the Department of Education (DE).

“Right now there was a change and there are strikeouts in the schools and you can record the strikeout. However, there are situations with damaged strikeouts, strikeouts that do not reflect the information. There are countless situations that have to be corrected to have a more effective system, “said Aponte Santos in a radio interview. (Radio Isla 1320)

“This has caused undue discounts on teachers and we have taken up the claim. Even the Teachers Association has made itself available to collaborate with the sheets and help teachers whose attendance was not reflected and could charge ”, he added.

He explained the problems with the DE’s strikeout system today.

“With the system that they recently implemented, there are support problems and there are problems with passwords and countless other things,” explained Aponte Santos, who attributed the matter to administrative problems at the agency.

Precisely on Wednesday, it was announced that the executive director of the Fiscal Control Board (JCF), Natalie Jaresko denounced that the Department of Education has paid more than 80 million dollars from 2007 to the present to people who are not agency employees.

“We are talking about approximately 17 thousand people, of which approximately 15 thousand are former employees. The biggest problem is with former employees who have been paid despite being inactive. This has been accounted for from 2007 to 2020, ”said Jaresko in a teleconference.

According to Jaresko, the finding was partly due to an audit process carried out by the JCF during a request for additional funds made by the Department of Education last year to comply with the payroll.

“We had a situation last year, in which the approved budget for the DE was insufficient. So we started to find what money we had to take from other agencies to transfer it to the DE. In the middle of this process that we were doing, a week ago, the DE provided us with this list for the first time, which showed that they had overpaid ”, he added.

According to the table presented by Jaresko, from 2007 to 2020, the DE paid 84 million, two hundred twenty-seven thousand five hundred and seven dollars in payroll to people who did not work. It stands out in the graph that in 2019 – the date on which they asked for additional money to meet the payroll payment – they disbursed 9.7 million dollars in excess.

At the moment, the DE has not been able to recover 80 of the 84 million overpaid.

Jaresko attributed the situation in part to the absence of a mandatory automatic attendance registration system, which allows the agency to know when an employee works or not.

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