May 14, 2021

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Ana G. Méndez University will begin face-to-face classes in August

With a two-minute video and with the slogan "we are ready to receive you", the Ana G. Méndez University announced that they will be beginning to receive their students in person.

The university system indicated that the next August 17 students will be able to physically present themselves to their educational establishments.

According to the video posted on the networks, Ana G Méndez indicated that part of the back-to-school plan includes sanitation of all areas, frequency of cleaning, cleaning of air conditioning filters, temperature taking, use of masks, installation of signs to guide and protect you, installation of protective acrylic and physical distance in the classrooms.

Return plan for students announced by the university: [19659005] First year:

  • The first-year day students will be the first to reach the precincts and localities, through the modality of hybrid studies two; that is to say, its program of classes will combine face-to-face sessions and others remotely or remotely.
  • This modality will allow students who start their university life the opportunity to get to know the campus, its teachers and classmates. [19659007] If for any reason the first year student does not want to physically attend campus, they will be able to select their courses 100% remotely.

Second year:

  • Students in the second year of study and enrolled in programs Undergraduates and graduates, including sessions at night, will continue to take their classes remotely, until the provisions of the Government of Puerto Rico allow us to resume all educational activities in person.
  • Classes that require the use of Labs and practices during daytime will be taken in a hybrid way, that is, they will be able to physically attend our venues and locations as indicated his teacher and following the established security measures.
  • During the course of the semester, a process of returning to the precincts and localities will continue to work in stages, complying with the provisions of the Executive Order of the Government.


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