January 15, 2021

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Añasco ready to deliver lunches to students at their homes

The mayor of Añasco, Jorge Estévez Martínez, reported today that the municipality is ready to deliver lunches to public school students in coordination with the Education deparment.

The agency will begin today the operation of some 754 school canteens to provide food to parents or guardians of students who request it.

“I have received concern from many parents that the Department of Education is sending them a form as a food request. AND parents are concerned that sometimes they do not have the facility to find their children’s lunches”, Said Estévez Martínez in written statements.

“I sent a letter to the secretary (of Education) Eligio Hernández in order to notify him that the municipality of Añasco is ready to deliver lunches to public school students who are currently taking classes from their homes. Already in the past we made massive food deliveries to students and it was a great success ”, he added.

The mayor also recalled that most of the students are with a relative while their parents work and they do not have the way to get to school to get food.

We are experiencing very complicated situations as a country. We have to help each other and that’s what my municipal administration is for, ”said the mayor.

The distribution of lunches was announced last week. Education insists that the employees of the school canteens are the ones who distribute the meals via trolley or at tables located at the entrance of the schools. However, the president of the Association of School Canteen Employees, Nelly Ayala, states that this is not the task of these workers.

“The function of a cafeteria employee is to make food. The way or modality of how to deliver the parents is a responsibility of the director. He is going to determine where to put the food … The parents have to pick it up, ”Ayala explained.

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