May 14, 2021

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Animals in Mayagüez Zoo in good condition after Isaías | government

The animals found in the Puerto Rico Zoo Dr. Juan Rivero in Mayagüez are in good health after the tropical storm Isaías passed through Puerto Rico.

This was stated to EL VOCERO the assistant secretary of National Parks, Gerardo Hernández. “As part of the plan, with our veterinarians and workers we take care of our animals and take them to the corresponding shelters. We took care of them, they were given food so that they were well, "said Hernández.

" So, are the animals in good health? "Asked EL VOCERO and Hernández replied that they are" perfectly in good health ”. “None of the animals suffered any problems. There was no death. There were personnel who were on call, there were also personnel who during the storm were watching over the animals, taking care of them, "he added.

Hernández explained that the damage that occurred in the zoo was exclusively in green areas of the establishment. "As in most of Puerto Rico, the winds caused the fall of hooks, of many leaves that were in the park … It can be seen that the zoo was impacted by the wind, but there is no major damage," said Hernández. [19659002] The official added that the agency is now in a process of cleaning up the zoo, a process that, according to Hernández, must be completed in less than a week.

On the other hand, the assistant secretary added that the spa most affected after the Isaías's passage through Puerto Rico was that of Caña Gorda in Guánica. He indicated that actions are already being taken to clean and restore the spa.

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