January 24, 2021

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Announce the recruitment of ex-convicts and the elderly for Enactus UPR Ponce projects

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PONCE – The organization Enactus UPR Ponce announces that it has spaces available for two of its projects: the project Phoenix to help ex-convicts start their own businesses and the project Golden friend to provide weekly plans to the elderly.

“We have been working on the Phoenix project for a year and we educate ex-convicts and ex-convicts free of charge so that they can have the necessary knowledge to undertake and, in turn, have financial independence, for this reason we are recruiting ex-convicts and ex-convicts so that they can join our next phase of participants, since those who were with us last year finished the workshops ”, explained Lorely Zoé Figueroa, president of Enactus UPR Ponce.

As indicated, the ex-convicts and ex-convicts who completed the first phase of workshops are in the process of being able to implement their business ideas and make them a reality. “Two of them have already registered as a formal company, one of them has already set up his business and we want to be able to repeat that success with more people,” Lorely said hopefully.

He also indicated that this year they will be offering the workshops virtually, which will allow them to impact ex-convicts from any part of the Island, since they will not be limited to the southern region, since technology has that advantage of being able to unite distant people on the same platform.

On the other hand, Enactus UPR Ponce, is also recruiting elderly for its project Golden friend which offers its participants individualized plans.

“In the project Golden friend We send free plans to the elderly with the purpose of helping their mental and physical health because we recognize that the pandemic has done particular harm to this generation and we also offer free advice to small businesses to reinvent their businesses for the pandemic ”, Explained the president of Enactus UPR Ponce.

The organization has a whole team, mostly psychology students, who call the elderly and interview them to prepare an individualized plan according to the particular needs of each participant.

The plans are sent by post to the elderly and thus avoid any type of contagion that may occur with a face-to-face visit.

They also have people on the team who keep calling the elderly constantly to provide that support they need in moments of loneliness and to follow up on how they are doing with their individualized plan.

At the moment there are 15 spaces available to make new plans for the elderly. Interested persons can call 939-248-6355 or write to [email protected] to make your request. Likewise, ex-convicts or ex-convicts interested in participating in the project Phoenix they can communicate in the same way.

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