March 2, 2021

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Announced “Guide of Criteria for a Good Public Administrator”

Candidates for governor are summoned to accept the urgent demand to clean up the public service

SAN JUAN – Business, professional, academic and third sector unions joined their voices under the citizen initiative called “TALENTO PRO”, which seeks to clean up and elevate the selection and recruitment process of officials to occupy positions in the main government agencies of the country, they summoned on Tuesday to the candidates for governor to pronounce on the mechanism they will use to guarantee compliance with the criteria of sound administration that said alliance presented.

“TALENTO PRO” is a citizen alliance that includes multiple sectors of the country, united in a demand that the political candidates who aspire to lead Puerto Rico in January 2021 urgently address the serious problem of public administration and provision of services to the village. As explained by the leaders of this collective effort, “during the past decades the country has experienced a marked deterioration in the quality of public service as a result of multiple appointments of officials who do not have the experience, training, leadership and commitment it requires. government management. This has resulted in the lack of efficient and quality services for citizens, in an unprecedented economic crisis that led to the bankruptcy of the government ”, they expressed in a joint document detailing the criteria to be considered.

The initiative, presented five weeks before the general elections of November 3, arises at a time when candidates have been nominated who do not have the professional experience or training required to occupy core positions in the public service. Similarly, the media have revealed a rampant practice of nepotism in all government spheres by members of various political parties by naming relatives and friends who do not have the expertise or the merit for the positions obtained, leading to deep discontent citizen who demands dramatic changes in this practice.

According to the spokesmen of the alliance, one of the main challenges that the winner in the general elections will have will be to form a government cabinet with a team of people who are willing to serve the country well, have the expertise and attributes to lead. , administer and manage Puerto Rico effectively and with integrity, at the level of what the citizens expect and what the times require. They stressed that the pattern that has been used for decades has clearly not worked and needs to be changed as a first step to build a better Puerto Rico.

The following organizations are part of this initiative: Council of Former Presidents of the Association of Professional Relations, the Industrial Association, the Chamber of Marketing, Industry and Food Distribution (MIDA), the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico, the Association of Economists, the United Center for Retailers (CUD), the non-profit organization Espacios Abierta and experts in this discipline such as the former directors of the UPR School of Public Administration Mario Negrón Portillo, Yolanda Cordero and the professor of public administration and sociologist, Dr. César Rey.

Talento PRO has established the following main goals as part of this initiative:

  1. Make healthy public administration, and the criteria outlined for it, a priority for candidates for governor in the next elections.
  2. Increase the number of citizens with the profile of good administrators willing to serve the country from public management.
  3. Improve the satisfaction levels of the average citizen with the government services they receive.
  4. Increase citizen participation in the establishment of metrics and criteria that meet their expectations of a healthy public administration.

Similarly, the alliance has created a Criteria Guide for a Good Public Administrator that recommends that it be considered for the recruitment and retention of executives and public officials who aspire to lead and serve the country. Core values ​​and principles in candidate selection include:

1) Creation and rescue of public value.

2) Ethics / Values ​​/ Integrity

3) Respect / Sensitivity / Diversity

4) Mediation / Communication

5) Results / Accountability

6) Training / Learning / Knowledge

7) Talent / Merit

8) Independence / No political nuances / Conflict of Interest

9) Collaboration / Transparency / Openness

10) transformative leadership

Among various efforts, the alliance will broadcast a public service campaign with the aforementioned claim on social media, TV and radio created by graphic designers and professional pro bono relationshipists. It has the support of the main media in the country, who have supported the initiative by supporting its dissemination through print and digital news platforms, as well as radio and television stations. The multisectoral alliance is also collecting signatures to add allies through the “” portal and available at Likewise, it contemplates summoning candidates so that they can explain in detail on their platforms and that of various media the process they will use to ensure more effective recruitment.

After the elections and at the beginning of the incoming administration, TALENTO PRO intends to remain active as a vocal and vigilant alliance in its mission to raise the quality of the public administration in Puerto Rico in order to guarantee that the provision of services to citizens is based on efficiency, integrity, measurement of results and transparency according to the guidelines presented.

For more information, you can access the Facebook and Instagram platforms under @Talentopropr or access

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