July 29, 2021

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Announcement of a project to improve the AAA’s Hatillo-Camuy filter plant

Pagán Crespo explained that “the works consist of the construction of a new dam.”

photo: Cybernews

STRENGTH – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and the president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Doriel Pagán Crespo, reported on Thursday the start of the auction process for the project to improve the raw water intake for the Hatillo filter plant- Camuy.

“Around 11,300 families in Hatillo and Camuy are supplied with potable water service from this dam. For years, they have suffered from continuous service interruptions due to strong floodwaters and blocked intakes at the dam due to the rains. But this project entails a new design for the entry of raw water that minimizes it being blocked by strong floods. We hope that this work improves this important and essential service, therefore, improving the quality of life of all residents of the area, “said the governor in written communication.

Pagán Crespo explained that “the works consist of the construction of a new dam. It will be built with a coanda-style grill, with bypass entry, backwash system, access hatches and slide gates. The project has an estimated construction cost of $ 4,118,000, financed with the Revolving Fund Program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its acronym in English and will be administered by the Department of Health ”.

“The new raw water intake will be made up of a gravity dam built in concrete connected to a lateral intake structure that pumped the raw water to the Hatillo-Camuy filtration plant. The project is carried out with the objective of minimizing the accumulation of sediments and carry-overs caused by the rains. The work will also include the installation of a new pipeline from the dam to the filtration plant ”, added the official.

On the other hand, the mayor of Camuy, Gabriel Hernández indicated: “As we have been arguing, this drinking water problem that our communities face today is a matter of decades, the fact that we finally have definitive actions is a source of great satisfaction. When we raise our voice, we do it in favor of all the citizens who reside in our town, recently we did it to demand, but today we are doing it to thank, because it is definitely a great day for our Romantic City ”.

Similarly, the representative Joel Franqui Atíles mentioned that “this is a fulfilled commitment that we made to our constituents of Hatillo and Camuy.”

“When I started as a representative for District 15, I decided to seek a solution to the continuous problem of the lack of water in the communities that use this dam, and which has been occurring for many years. After several meetings and looking for viable alternatives with AAA officials to resolve the situation, today we announce this large-scale work that will improve the infrastructure of the dam and the service in these municipalities, ”added Rodríguez.

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