June 19, 2021

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Another bright meteor is sighted on the night of Sunday 24

Photo: SAC

MAYAGÜEZ – A spectacular fireball was visible at 11:21 pm on Sunday 24, reported the Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC).

“It was really bright, since the images reveal that it briefly illuminated other areas of the sky,” said the educational entity, which noted that it was visible from the entire island, looking towards the Southwest.

The SAC reported that the reports indicate that during the brief moments in which the meteor was visible, it showed beautiful colors that seemed to alternate between blue-green turquoise, then yellow-orange, and again turquoise, as seen in images that captured the educational entity.

“After analyzing the trajectory of the meteor, it was confirmed that it came from the constellation of Cancer, so that it was another ‘Delta Cancrid’, as well as other bright meteors seen in recent nights from the Island,” said the SAC.

The fragments that the Delta Cancrids cause have an orbit similar to that of the asteroid 2001 YB5, so it is not ruled out that they are debris released by this space rock.

The organization had anticipated that there was a possibility of sighting another bright meteor until January 24, as it happened. However, the remarkable activity of bright meteors suggests that additional meteors are likely to be seen for at least a couple of weeks.

The SAC urged to occasionally appreciate our skies, since at any moment you can also see a sporadic meteor.

Watch the video of the bright meteor

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