June 25, 2021

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Another resignation on the Fiscal Oversight Board

After almost four years as a member of the Financial Supervision and Administration Board for Puerto Rico, José Ramón González announced today that he informed the White House that he will not be available to stay in office after August 31, 2020 , and that he would also not be available for a second term as a member of the entity.

"Having been selected as a member of the Supervisory Board has been a great honor and serving was a privilege and an exceptional experience," he said in statements. González, who was appointed to the Supervisory Board on August 31, 2016.

“To work hand in hand, together with my fellow members of the Board, all committed, despite all the challenges, in fixing deficiencies Prosecutors of Puerto Rico and restoring trust between people, businesses and capital markets, was an extraordinary opportunity to make a real difference and contribute to improving the future of Puerto Rico. Rico, my house. ”

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