July 29, 2021

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Applicants to vote by mail may deliver ballots at Permanent Registration Meetings

The electoral commissioner of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Roberto Iván Aponte Berríos, announced today that the State Elections Commission (CEE) approved a proposal of his so that voters who requested an early vote by mail can deliver their ballots voted in the Junta Permanent Registration Office.

“I congratulate the EEC, both the President and the Electoral Commissioners of the other parties for having accepted this proposal of the PIP. The idea arises with the objective of facilitating the voter delivery of the ballots in a place close to his home, in to give it more confidence in the face of the doubts that many have expressed with the mail service and to ensure that those voted ballots reach the Roberto Clemente Coliseum as soon as possible, “said Aponte Berríos.

The PIP Commissioner added that this effort ensures that the largest number of ballots are counted days prior to the general elections, allowing more accurate results to be released on the night of November 3.

Some 57,300 people requested to vote through this mechanism.

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