June 14, 2021

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Arecibo to inspect businesses as coronavirus rebounds

The Mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Molina Rodríguez, announced today that the municipality will begin to inspect businesses as part of an orientation and supervision effort to reduce the rebound of cases of coronavirus .

Molina Rodríguez It indicated that the visits to the businesses that the Municipal Tracking Office will carry out, will also have the assistance of a special municipal police unit to inspect establishments.

“Arecibo will be together to his tracking team guiding business owners, of these not to comply then the municipal police will be intervening to recommend the closure of these, "said the official in written statements.

The mayor mentioned that it will activate a special unit of 10 agents to verify that the businesses operate with the provisions established by the government.

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"This special unit will work in conjunction with the Municipal Tracing Office, through which we have hired epidemiologists, social workers, nurses and technical personnel to guide and ensure that the strictest precautionary measures are taken, "explained Molina Rodríguez.

“To facilitate compliance with these regulations, the municipality of Arecibo acquired specialized machinery to disinfect equipment and locations . We make available to our merchants the free service of the municipality to disinfect ”, the mayor also said.

Molina Rodríguez said that restoring a complete closure of businesses on the Island could have catastrophic repercussions on the municipalities and its residents, who in many cases have returned to their jobs.

"We want to highlight the work of the business owners who have been responsible, so that they continue to promote the economic movement that supports their families, their employees and, consequently, the municipalities. It is time to remain vigilant and enforce the order in protection of the well-being and quality of life of all Puerto Ricans, "he said.

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