April 16, 2021

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Arecibo will install tensioners in residences with zinc roofs

The mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Molina Rodríguez announced today that the municipality will install tensioners in residences with zinc roofs before the peak of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean.

Molina Rodríguez indicated that about 1,000 properties will benefit from the mitigation measure.

“We continue to strengthen our mitigation strategies to face the dangers that may come with the high season. In this case, we want to protect our most vulnerable populations that currently live under zinc roofs and who, with great probability, would be the first to be affected after the passage of a storm or hurricane, ”said the mayor in statements. written.

The municipal executive mentioned that the initiative arose after a series of measures implemented by the administration since the beginning of the year, and which have included the installation of cisterns throughout the territorial extension of Arecibo , and the provision of a warehouse with food and essential equipment .

“Our goal is to make Arecibo a more resilient town, one that can face the passage of atmospheric phenomena and that can quickly recover from the damage that they may cause, ”said Molina Rodríguez.

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