May 14, 2021

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Arrested cuts his face with metal from his mask

A man, who was detained in the Aibonito District cell, caused lacerations to his face with a piece of aluminum, which he took from inside the KN95 mask that he was wearing, at around 2:11 Saturday afternoon, the Police reported.

According to the report, Miguel Ángel Santiago Ortiz, 57, broke the mask and used the piece of aluminum to make open wounds on his forehead. The man was taken to the Mennonite Hospital in Aibonito where he received medical assistance.

Santiago Ortiz was arrested last night, around 7:00 pm, after he allegedly attacked his consensual partner, whom he grabbed by the neck and

This case of domestic violence was consulted by the prosecutor Orlando Cintrón, who gave instructions to admit him to the cell and was referred today to the Domestic Violence Unit of the area.

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