March 2, 2021

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Art schools close in Mayagüez

photo: Cybernews

MAYAGÜEZ – The candidate for mayor of Mayagüez for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Tania Lugo, denounced the closure of specialized municipal schools, which has left this city devoid of vital spaces for the development of art and culture.

According to Lugo, Mayor José Guillermo Rodríguez has made several decisions that go against promoting these two aspects, as well as against sports, which are vital for the development of society, especially in children and the elderly.

The candidate for the municipal seat for the PNP maintained that the incumbent has plans to completely dismantle the Baudilio Vega Berrios Cultural Center. While the offices of Art and Culture have already begun to be eliminated outside the structure of the Municipality of Mayagüez.

In the same way, the municipal schools offered by the Municipality of Mayagüez are closed, such as: the Bomba y Plena School, which was created by Papo Alers, the Mayagüezana Coral, the String School, Breaking Points, the Trova School and the School of Art directed by Delma Acosta, as well as the School of Theater and School of Contemporary Ballet. They all have contracts canceled by the Municipality of Mayagüez.

“Mayagüez is known as the Capital of Sports and Culture. But, both issues are very far from the mayor’s agendas, ”said Lugo, who denounced the closure of the Baudilio Vega Berríos Cultural Center and the intention to close the Art and Culture offices and they have already eliminated the first part of them.

Lugo went further by ensuring that the “Cathedral of Sound Art”, the majestic Yagüez Theater, has also been neglected, which has unresolved leaks from Hurricane María and that, due to the rains caused by the passage of Storm Isaías on the Island , the situation worsened even more, to the point that the building had to be closed indefinitely. The last remodel to the theater took 6 years.

“Sports cannot be practiced in our municipality because the José Figueroa Freyre Central American Stadium was privatized in Puerto Rico Sol, so leagues of our people have had to go to other municipalities in search of options to practice sports,” he denounced Lugo.

“The Municipal Schools have been for years one of the main attractions of the Municipality of Mayagüez, which benefited both children and the elderly. What the current person is doing is unfair. Get involved with the culture and sports of our great city, “he said.

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