May 14, 2021

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Artists join the Vota y Perrea movement

In the final stretch to register and be able to vote in the November elections, several local and international artists have joined the movement Vote and Perrea to make a call to the thousands of young people who have not yet registered and meet the age and other requirements to participate in the general elections in Puerto Rico.

“Young people know what we are at stake in these elections. Many of us woke up in the summer of 2019 and others have been for years. We continue to add voices to raise awareness of what we can do for the common good. Voting in elections is our right and our duty to the country. But more than that, voting is a great opportunity to make ourselves felt and guide the country towards what interests us and what concerns us, ”Alexandra-Marie Figueroa Miranda, spokesperson for the Vota y Perrea movement, said in written statements.

“We make a massive call for you, with due precautions, to attend the Permanent Registration Board on or before Monday, September 14, 2020 and register to vote in November,” added Figueroa Miranda.

Vota y Perrea is a non-partisan and non-profit movement whose mission is to encourage and involve young Puerto Ricans to participate in the political and decision-making processes in Puerto Rico. The movement does not endorse or endorse individual candidates. Vota y Perrea is inspired by other similar movements that have been successful such as Rock The Vote in United States.

Among the artists who have shown their support for the movement are Kany García, Ileana Cabra, Residente, Rafa Pabón, Los Rivera Destino, Mela Pabón, Raquel Sofía, Zuania Colón Torres (Bajo Mundo), Alex Gárgola and the community of hands on music independent from Puerto Rico and Scene Y, among others. These personalities beloved by Puerto Ricans have signed up and called for others to do so. Panamanian singer-songwriter Rubén Blades has also joined the movement.

The main mission of Vota y Perrea is to carry a simple message of activation aimed at young Puerto Ricans. Therefore, their biggest bet is to use social networks to activate and mobilize. Local brands have also joined this effort, including Libros787, Salón Boricua, Contrabando, Mercado la Carreta, Sr. Paleta and others, who have donated items or activated promotions that require evidence of the electoral card by the participants or interested parties.

Similarly, other non-partisan movements and organizations have joined forces in this call for activation and participation together with Vota and Perrea. These groups include: The egg white Open Spaces and its platform who represents,, True Self Foundation and the Rimas Foundation.

Vota y Perrea was born organically in 2019 and has been marking its path with affirmative actions to establish itself as a movement for political participation. The starting point happened after the natural tragedies experienced in Puerto Rico and the self-convocation of the people to help their neighbors in solidarity and demand a clean and effective response from the government authorities. Young Puerto Ricans nurtured this solidarity movement and became active in their communities. In the summer of 2019, young people also mobilized in protest and demanded a clean, honest and corruption-free government. With this as a preamble, the Vota y Perrea movement was born.

In the face of the November 2020 elections and after said electoral event, Vota y Perrea seeks to position itself as a permanent movement to activate and educate young people to exercise their rights democratically.

More information on the movement, promotions and activations of the artists is available at VOTAYPERREA. Video by Los Rivera Destino.

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