June 14, 2021

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ASPPRO and OPC react to the decision of the TS on audios seen by Andrea Ruiz

One of the audios was published by the digital newspaper Noticel

Andrea Ruiz Costas, Photo Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The presidents of the Association of Journalists of Puerto Rico (ASPPRO) and the Overseas Press Club, Damaris Suarez and Luis Guardiola reacted on Monday night to the repeated determination of the Supreme Court not to allow access to the audios of the court hearings in the case of Andrea Ruiz Costas, murdered by her ex-partner, Miguel Ocasio Santiago on April 29.

“The people of Puerto Rico can be convinced that their journalists will not waver in their responsibility to oversee the functions of both the Judicial Power and the Executive to demand the highest degree of transparency and accountability from them.

In relation to the recent rulings of the highest judicial forum that prohibit the disclosure of the public re-recordings in which Andrea Ruiz Costas testified against her ex-partner, who now faces criminal charges after confessing to her vile murder, we reiterate that there are no reasons to restrict people’s access to these public documents.

The Boards of Directors of both organizations will make the corresponding determinations in the coming days and through their lawyers will chart the course to be followed in this fight whose only north is to place in the hands of the country the information necessary to evaluate the execution of its system. of justice ”, both presidents expressed in written statements.

Andrea Ruiz Costas, 35, tried unsuccessfully at the Caguas Judicial Center to obtain an Order of Protection against Ocasio Santiago. Ruiz Costas’ body was found in the Guavate de Cayey sector.

One of the audios was published by the digital newspaper Noticel.

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