June 25, 2021

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Asppro call to the governor to avoid COVID-19

After the multiple positive cases to COVID-19 of various political figures in the country and employees of agencies of the Executive Branch, several journalists have expressed their concerns to the Association of Journalists of Puerto Rico (Asppro) regarding the exposition of these to press conferences that could well be attended with press releases by emails or in virtual press conferences to avoid contagion with the novel coronavirus.

At a time when The total number of cases on the island has increased considerably and as a call is made to citizens to keep physical distance, most of the press conferences or public activities -starting with La Fortaleza- are carried out under conditions that they are not the most conducive to preventing the spread of this disease.

Just hours after new restrictions came into force due to the increase in contagion, the Governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced, in clear violation of her own Executive Order that prohibits activities that crowd people, has called a press conference at the Teatrito de La Fortaleza where there is not enough space to keep the physical distance from six feet necessary to avoid a possible contagion.

“We are extremely concerned about the false sense of security that in the past few months not only the government has had, but also the politicians who call for activities and conferences where crowded people have to wait hours in closed spaces, which puts your health at risk. That is irresponsible. Last week the Governor not only exposed the patients of Cardiovascular Hospital with a conference in the lobby of that institution she again exposed journalists by calling the Little Theater. Isn't it more logical to hold the conference in open spaces such as Jardín Hundido in order to comply with the distancing that the people are being asked to do? "Damaris Suárez, president of the Asppro., Questioned in writing. [19659002] The most recent data revealed by health authorities confirms a rebound in positive cases and that hospitalizations for COVID-19 have increased significantly on the island. They have also identified at least 60 outbreaks of this virus in the first part of this month. Furthermore, it appears from the Executive Order itself signed by Vázquez Garced that the state recognizes that "in recent days a progressive increase in cases of COVID-19 confirmed by molecular testing has been documented in Puerto Rico" and that for this reason it is imperative " implement difficult but necessary measures to protect the right to life of every Puerto Rican ", according to our Constitution.

" In this situation, the Asppro asks politicians and officials to take into consideration this reality when convening journalists in person particularly when there are technological tools to attend to the press, minimizing exposure to the virus. It is absurd that they demand compliance from citizens when they do not set an example, "Suárez insisted.

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