June 14, 2021

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Assmca launches campaign to promote emotional well-being

The Addiction and Mental Health Services Administration (Assmca) today launched a campaign aimed at promoting the emotional well-being of the population, given all the difficulties that have come with the pandemic of COVID-19.

According to the administrator of Assmca, doctor Carlos Rodriguez Mateo, the We Want You with Life campaign will feature advertisements through various media, including television, radio, written press, billboards, YouTube and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Likewise, it will include various printed educational materials in which the PAS Line number, 1-800-981-0023, will be reinforced so that people can seek professional help.

“Certainly, COVID-19 has generated stress, worry and anxiety in our people. This, due to factors such as fear of contagion, isolation, death of loved ones, economic aspects, loneliness, changes in routine, fatigue and others “the doctor maintained. “Facing this pandemic and adapting to a new reality has been an arduous task that could put our emotional health at risk if we do not take preventive measures to attend to it adequately. For this reason, at Assmca we continue to implement initiatives aimed at promoting emotional well-being and reinforcing the message of seeking help to cope with the availability of resources ”.

The administrator of Assmca commented that the We Want You with Life campaign “inspires our people to positively overcome the adverse effects that have impacted us all in this pandemic.”

Through this effort, we want people to seek the return to any situation that affects their well-being and tranquility. We recognize that in general the human being when he wants something in life, puts all his effort to achieve it. However, things do not always go as you want, and that is when you must regain strength, overcome and move forward. That is what our campaign is about, transforming everything that affects us into a good opportunity to start over ”, stated Rodríguez Mateo.

The official added that the motivational campaign also invites people to “look at their children, look at their partner, look at their parents, their friends, their pet, their dreams, themselves, in short, to look all the important things that surround him, and look for the return to any situation that disturbs him because all of them will give him the strength he needs to fight and overcome the difficulties that come his way ”.

Dr. Rodríguez Mateo urged people not to give in to unexpected setbacks in life and focus on positive thoughts.

“Feed your body and your mind with positive thoughts, and you will see everything in a different way. Although it may seem difficult at times, you have to start with the simplest things in life, and from there will come infinite reasons that outweigh any negative thought, ”the official insisted.

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