February 26, 2021

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Assmca launches suicide prevention campaign in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

The administrator of the Administration of Mental Health and Addiction Services (ASSMCA), Suzanne Roig Fuertes, announced today the launch of the educational and awareness campaign “Living is always better” aimed at reinforcing the message of value to life and the importance of seeking help on the PAS Line.

“Puerto Rico, like other countries in the world, is experiencing difficult and stressful times due to the emergence of the Coronavirus COVID-19. There are people on the Island who have tested positive for this contagious disease and others have unfortunately died. This situation, which has been increasing, has generated negative emotions in most people such as anxiety, fear, anguish, anger, restlessness, worry and irritability, among others. Certainly, all this accumulation of situations could affect the emotional health of the individual and even lead him to think about suicide as an alternative to escape from this stormy moment that has disrupted the lives of many. Faced with this reality, ASSMCA is currently implementing a continuous work plan at the prevention level in keeping with the commitment of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced. As part of this plan, we launched the Live is always better campaign, ”explained Roig in writing.

The campaign collects everyday situations that happen on a day-to-day basis, that sometimes no alternatives are found and end up causing many stressors. “Now even putting on a mask can be a stressor. So in this process of adapting to new lifestyles, the campaign is aimed at seeing what those elements are, those situations that we face every day that can be a trigger ”, said the administrator.

According to the official, the aforementioned campaign has different videos recorded by artists and other personalities in which they transmit positive messages that reaffirm the value of life, as well as the fact that despite the circumstances that arise, life does not it has to be perfect to be wonderful. “In the same way, citizens are urged to seek professional help in the PAS Line to take care of their emotional health,” said the owner.

Then, Roig Fuertes added that among the other initiatives that make up the plan that is being implemented, it also includes a series of virtual workshops. “They are support groups for different populations where people have the opportunity to acquire skills to take care of their emotional health in the midst of the pandemic through a variety of strategies and dynamics. Through these efforts, ASSMCA seeks to continue transmitting the message to our people about the importance of recognizing the emotions we experience as a result of circumstances, accepting them and, above all, learning to channel them properly. Likewise, minimize the emotional impact on people by reducing the levels of anxiety, anger, stress and fear in citizens ”.

It should be noted that this first phase of the campaign will be published through the Agency’s social networks. “Eventually, we will have the support of some media, who will use their talents to record capsules with messages aimed at reinforcing the message that Living is always better.”

Finally, the ASSMCA administrator reminded citizens that there are two ways to contact the professionals of the PAS Line, “the first is by calling 1-800-981-0023 as is traditionally done and the second, downloading the new mobile application in which people will have the opportunity to chat live. The referred application is available from Google Play and Apple Store ”.

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