May 14, 2021

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Association of Mayors asks to reinforce administration of vaccines

They propose vaccination clinics 24/7

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SAN JUAN – The president of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico, Luis Javier Hernández, called on the central government to reinforce the vaccination process against Covid-19 on the Island, given the alarming increase in positive cases that have been registered in the last days.

“We must increase the places of administration of vaccines, offer 24/7 services to reach acceptable levels of vaccination and that there is access to fields and isolated communities,” he said.

In Puerto Rico, the number of vaccines administered is very low compared to people who have not been vaccinated.

According to data published by OurWoldInData last Friday, the percentage of people vaccinated in Puerto Rico is 19.6%, which contrasts with 24.3% in the state of Florida, 28.7% in New York and 25% in California.

Faced with this situation, the Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr. Carlos Mellado, explained at a press conference that there are providers who receive vaccines from the Federal Government and appointments are made directly with them.

According to the Medicine and Public Health portal for last week (April 12), 48,800 doses of Pfizer will be received, 34,200 of Moderna and 6,100 of Janssen, the media detailed.

“The administration of vaccines must be massified, there is no doubt about that. Recall that at the moment there have been 50 cases of variants of SARS-COV 2. Regarding the British variant, there are 32 registered cases, 11 cases correspond to the 2 variants from California, 3 to New York and finally, 2 from the variant of Brazil ”, added the mayor of Villalba.

“As on previous occasions, the municipalities are ready and available to cooperate with the process, as we have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic.”

On Monday morning, the Health Department also reported seven new deaths from COVID-19 bringing the total fatalities to 2,207.

The number corresponds to 1,881 confirmed deaths and 326 to probable deaths.

“To this is added that the cases of hospitalized by Covid-19 could increase by an additional 200 this week, as indicated last Wednesday by the president of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association, Jaime Plá, who offered said estimate to the media. Pla even mentioned that hospital institutions have already had to increase the space they had designated for these patients. To date, 531 hospitalized patients, 476 adults and 55 pediatric patients have been registered ”, concluded Hernández Ortiz.

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