March 5, 2021

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At least 138 COVID-19 outbreaks have been registered on the island in the past weeks

At least 138 outbreaks of COVID-19 They were registered on the island in just 3 weeks in which about 1,105 people are involved in 46 municipalities.

This was reflected in the Second Report of the Municipal System for Investigation of Cases and Tracking of Contacts of the Department of Health (DS) in the period from August 22 to September 11.

It also details that 67% of the outbreaks occurred in family events, while 18% in the work environment, 5% community, 3% in travelers and 7% in a mixed scenario that includes all the above .

Coronavirus outbreaks

The region that reported the most outbreaks was the metro with a total of 35, followed by the Bayamón area with 25 and the Caguas area with 23. The Arecibo area registered 19, Ponce 16, Mayagüez 12, Fajardo 7 and transregional 1.

While the number of people identified in the outbreaks was 220 in the Ponce area, 205 in the metro region, 200 in the Caguas area, 183 in the Bayamón area, 146 in the Mayagüez area, 90 Arecibo, 54 Fajardo and 7 transregional.

The DS reported this morning an additional death from COVID-19, 230 confirmed cases and 243 additional probable cases.

With this death, the confirmed deaths total 439 and the probable ones remain at 170, so the total number of deaths is 609.

The total of the confirmed case results is 20,311, of which 10,820 are women and 9,491 are men.

Meanwhile, the total of probable cases 22,165.

He dashboard Health adds that 386 people are hospitalized for coronavirus on the Island.

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