April 11, 2021

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AT&T prepares its network to face potential cyclone

AT&T reported today that it is closely monitoring and preparing for the passage of potential cyclone 9 that could affect Puerto Rico from this afternoon.

In written statements, the communications company said it has an arsenal of equipment and disaster response personnel.

Preparations include:

• Provision of generators.

• Testing of high capacity backup batteries.

• Protection of physical facilities from flooding. [19659002] • Placement of other network recovery and emergency response teams at strategic locations for rapid deployment after the storm.

• Organization of deployable network assets of FirstNet dedicated for agency use public safety and FirstNet customers, as needed.

As in the past, AT&T has installed more generators in critical towers and switching facilities, and has moved electronic devices essential to network operations above expected flood levels. In addition, AT & T's Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) team is on standby and ready to deploy assets if needed.

"Clients trust us, especially during emergencies," said Alexandra Verdiales Costa, regional vice president for AT&T External and Legislative Affairs. "This is why we hold drills throughout the year to ensure we are prepared. And we do our best to have our network ready when an atmospheric event strikes. We have worked over the past few days to position teams and personnel, and we are ready to respond. if necessary. We also work closely with government agencies in their storm response efforts. "

The AT&T Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) program is one of the largest and most advanced disaster response programs of the industry. The fleet includes technology recovery and support teams that can be rapidly deployed to support customers and first responders.

Response team prepared after an event includes:

• Mobile sites and mobile command centers such as Cell on Wheels (COWs) and Cell on Light Trucks (COLTs)

• Emergency Communications Vehicles (ECV)

• Flying Cell on Wings (Flying COWs)

• Drones

• A base camp Self-sufficient: This is complete with sleeping tents, toilets, kitchen, laundry, an on-site nurse, and ready-to-eat meals (MRE).

• Equipment and supplies for hazardous materials

• Support technology and trailers for provide infrastructure support and mobile heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

• Internal and external resources for initial assessment and recovery efforts.

Currently, AT&T stores and kiosks in P uerto Rico continue to operate during their regular service hours, according to the weather conditions. For details and updates, customers can check facebook.com/attpuertorico

Just as AT&T prepares, our customers are encouraged to do the same. For additional information and advice on disaster preparedness at [ https://about.att.com/pages/disaster_recovery ].

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