April 16, 2021

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Attentive to channel agility in government response | government

Due to the near passing of the storm Laura, with its possible consequences in the daily life of the country, the ombudsman Edwin García Feliciano assured that the Office of the Public Prosecutor will be available to the citizen complaints about claims of service in the agencies of government, as soon as public work is reintegrated.

García Feliciano alerted citizens to include in their emergency preparations, preserve and protect vital and necessary documentation on claims in process before public agencies.

He said that, after the passage of the storm, no matter how agile, the governmental response operation rests primarily on the documentation provided by the citizen regarding their claims.

Therefore, he emphasized that every citizen who knows that his sector or community is adversely impacted Every time atmospheric phenomena cause heavy rain and flooding, you must prepare to document all the incidents. events that the passage of storm Laura causes to your home or property.

García Feliciano stressed that both the Central Office, in the Capitoline District in front of the Olympic House, and its regional offices throughout the Island, will remain serving the community after the passage of the atmospheric phenomenon, to coordinate a prompt response from the agencies to citizen complaints.

The agency's telephone number is 787) 724-7373, as is the electronic address ombudsmanpr @ opc.pr.gov .

Although service requests or claims must be initially submitted in each concerned agency, García Feliciano pointed out that his office will be available to channel the services required from the relevant agencies, to ensure that the daily life of the citizen, if affected by the passage of the storm, return to normal in the shortest possible time.

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