July 28, 2021

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Authorities are investigating whether the body found in Vega Baja belongs to a missing tourist in La Perla

Authorities reported Sunday that they are investigating whether a body found in Vega Baja is the tourist who disappeared yesterday in La Perla.

Agents from the Missing Persons Division of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps reported today that they are looking for a missing tourist yesterday afternoon in Old San Juan.

Tariq Quadir Loat, 24, was last seen on Calle San Miguel # 3 in the La Perla neighborhood.

Quadir Loat He was reported by his partner and was described as 5’11 ” tall, 200 pounds, black complexion, brown eyes, brown hair. He has a zigzag tattoo on his left arm and another “paper chaser” on his right arm. ”And a scar on his right knee and another on his stomach.

Quadir Loat is one of the two tourists who were attacked yesterday in La Perla, after buying illicit drugs and trying to take photos there.

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