June 24, 2021

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Authorities continue to search for a woman dragged by a river in Rincón

The search for the woman who was swept away by a stream in Rincón during the torrential rains associated with the passage of storm Isaías in the region, will continue on Saturday, after the authorities did not give her whereabouts on Friday. [19659002] Emergency Management Personnel from Rincón as well as the rescue task force from the Aguadilla region, traveled the entire Calvache ravine in that municipality on Friday, where Marisol Morales Ruiz was dragged by a blow of water when she tried to cross a bridge on Thursday morning.

“They were there from 8:00 am until 2:30 pm looking for her, but they did not find her. At that moment, it started to rain and the recommendation was to stop the search and continue tomorrow (Saturday), "confirmed the press officer of the Rincón municipality, Juan Carlos Pérez, who was in the search area.

Morales Ruiz, 51, left her home in the early hours of Thursday morning with the intention of taking some steps in the town, despite the warning from her husband, Luis Torres, not to leave his residence due to bad weather.

The Mazda Protegé car in which he was traveling was later recovered, but the woman was not found inside. The weather conditions made it impossible for the search to begin on the same Thursday.

The work to try to find the missing woman will continue on Saturday from early in the morning. It is expected that additional rescue personnel will join the work.

"Tomorrow (Saturday), they are going to bring some dogs to walk around the mountain pass around the creek and also on the beach," said Pérez.

Rincón It was another one of the municipalities that was seriously affected by the floods associated with the Isaías storm. The Stella community was flooded and it was necessary to evict at least 12 families who were trapped by the water.

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