May 14, 2021

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Authorities demand that the people avoid dangerous situations during atmospheric emergencies

The acting commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), the renowned rescuer Nino Correa, and Governor Wanda Vázquez lamented the situation that took place yesterday during the passage of tropical storm Laura, in which two young men were trapped in a water shock in a pond of the Toro Negro river, in the Ciales mountains.

The situation caused a group of rescuers to be attending to the situation throughout the night, until the rescue was finally possible. to do this morning.

"It is incredible that one sees that these things and these images we have to be back again on a topic that we have been carrying for a while," Correa said with an annoyed tone.

The rescuer indicated that all night A working group was active that included the emergency management of Ciales, the mayor of that municipality, personnel from the region of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), recu rsos of the municipality of Arecibo, as well as other people. He added that they work from a complex scenario, with a river "with very great potential dangers", the risk of hypothermia, and other difficulties. He added that the stone where the young people managed to climb has received blows of water 5, 6 and up to 10 feet high that surpass all that stone.

"And well we mentioned it, and it comes back and it happens," Correa insisted in a tone of frustration. “Thank God this time we were able to do it.”

Correa recalled that the previous week they had to deal with a similar situation in the Tanamá River, with 15 people trapped in a flood.

“It is a huge risk with the personnel . On this occasion, grateful that everything went well. But one exposes a number of people that obviously we all want to return to our homes, ”Correa insisted. “And there has never been a no. But it is well uphill, well uphill. This is tiring, really. And that fatigue when you are stuck inside a mountain, and more in this type of exhibition, the life not only of the person to whom we are going to respond, but the lives of all the boys are in our hands. 19659002] Correa recalled that a person lost his life during the passage of storm Isaías after exposing himself to danger.

“And people come back and do the same. We don't want these things to happen. Please, you have to be very aware ", reiterated Correa.

He also addressed people who practice surfing and said that, although" we know that they have a capacity and professionalism … everything has its moment, its time, and one it does not challenge danger, so that bad things do not happen. ”

“ This hurricane season is not over. Any situation that has to do with bodies of water and that has to do with rain is extremely dangerous and we want to continue urging the community not to cause difficult things to happen, ”Correa insisted, thanking all the people who did follow the instructions .

The governor also joined the claim against this type of dangerous actions.

“It is important, we said it before the storm, in the last press conference we had, that they did not go near the beaches or the rivers. It was evident, with a situation, with an event such as the one presented, the risk to life and safety of anyone who approached a body of water was evident, "said the governor.

Vázquez added that this This type of action not only puts the life of those who do it at risk, but also the life of the rescuers who later have to come to their aid.

“How difficult it was to coordinate yesterday to be able to rescue these young people. We had to speak with the general of the National Guard, we also made a query for the Coast Guard, because it was a helicopter as the only way to get to the place, putting them at risk because the weather conditions did not allow a helicopter to arrive there to be able to help them ”, affirmed Vázquez. “So we have to be a little more aware when we talk about this danger. The most dangerous places are the rivers. ”

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