June 15, 2021

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Authorities intervene with massive activity in the Montehiedra parking lot

The authorities intervened on Saturday night with a massive activity that took place in the parking lot of The Outlets in Montehiedra in violation of the executive order that seeks to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 in the country.

Staff of Health Department and agents of the Puerto Rico Police arrived at the scene to interview the assistants and evacuate the area.

“This activity was organized through Facebook. We are trying to identify who organized this activity because this is in total violation of the executive order … This is a source of spread of the virus. We are here to save lives and we need the help of all these citizens individually ”, said the director of the Office of Investigations of the health agency, Jesus Hernandez, to News.

The official indicated that he does not know what type of specific activity was carried out since some attendees have told him that it was a motor vehicle exhibition, while others assured him that they were car races.

“We, as the Department of Health, are not going to allow this kind of thing. As we are attending to business matters that are in violation, this is a clear and crass violation, people without masks in a quite illegal agglomeration “Hernández said.

Activity in the Montehiedra parking lot.

The Director of Health Investigations mentioned that the activity was in violation of the executive order promulgated by Pedro Pierluisi Since, although it did not apply the curfew, which begins at 11:00 at night, it did promote the crowding of people.

In addition, he recalled that all mass activity must be authorized by the Secretary of the Interior, Noelia Garcia.

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