March 6, 2021

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Authorities intervene with seven businesses in the Bayamón region

The authorities intervened with seven businesses in Bayamón for violating the new Executive Order, reported today, Sunday, the Policeman.

According to the Uniformada, the establishments faced additional fines for other violations required by the Department of the Treasury.

The businesses intervened include the municipalities of Toa Baja, Corozal, Dorado, Guaynabo and Bayamón, as they are broken down below:

  1. The Timbiriche- Toa Baja
  2. Old Limo – Corozal
  3. Colmado San Antonio- Golden
  4. Loma Del Vecino- Guaynabo
  5. The Bayu of Nolo- Bayamon
  6. Chinese Friendship- Bayamon
  7. La Bodeguita de Luis- Toa Baja

These establishments received fines for various violations that exceed $ 15,000.00 and, separately for violating the Executive Order, fines amounting to 7,500.00

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