November 28, 2020

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Authorities investigate murder in Peñuelas

Another man wounded by a gunshot was transported to the hospital

Photo: Cybernews

Penuelas – The Police reported on Tuesday that at about 10:37 in the morning, a murder and a gunshot wound was reported on the Caracoles 3 neighborhood field, in Peñuelas.

According to the police report, a call was received from the 9-1-1 Emergency System, about detonations in the aforementioned street.

Agents assigned to the Peñuelas District arrived at the scene, where they found two men wounded by gunshots and one of these was found without vital signs.

The Uniformed specified that the wounded man was transported to a hospital in Yauco, where he receives medical assistance and his condition is stable.

It was reported that the investigation of the case is in charge of agent Yahaira Garriga, under the supervision of Sergeant Gloria Alicea of ​​Homicides, this in conjunction with the prosecutor of Ernesto Quesada.

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