January 17, 2021

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AutoExpreso launches application for smartphones | government

The Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT) reported that as of today the AutoExpreso Móvil application will be available for free for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices, designed to give more control to users of the payment system electronic tolls from the comfort of your mobile phone.

According to the executive director of the ACT, Rosana M. Aguilar Zapata, “with this launch we are giving AutoExpreso users not only more control of their accounts, but also the peace of mind and confidence in having a platform that will offer you updated information, such as your balances in real time. For years, AutoExpreso users have had to deal with a system that took time to update their balances, creating confusion and, certainly, mistrust. With this AutoExpreso Móvil application, this is in the past ".

Aguilar Zapata explained that" until now, when a user recharged or passed through one or more tolls, the system took time to reflect the real balance. This caused a Responsible user who asked how much balance he had, was often informed that he had an amount of funds in his account, which did not reflect pending transactions. This, in turn, caused that user to have the false impression that he had enough balance, when reality was different. Now, with the AutoExpreso Móvil application, the user will see their balance and can recharge, in the same way, in real time. "

With the AutoExpreso Móvil application, available on the AppStore from Apple and Google PlayStore, in addition to seeing their available balance and recharging their account in real time, the user will be able to:

· See their latest transactions.

· See their infractions and pending transactions. [19659002] · Pay selected infractions immediately.

· View existing vehicles related to your AutoExpreso account.

· Add and remove vehicles from your AutoExpreso account.

· Join the auto-recharge service and manage the credit card information to be used.

· View and update your contact information.

· Be alerted with mobile notifications when your balance is low.

“This technological tool joins the new AutoExpreso page, www.autoexpreso.com which was redesigned to allow all these functionalities in a user friendly format and many others, such as buying a new stamp without the need to go through one of the points of sale in person, a benefit that becomes more relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of maintaining social distancing. Similarly, it allows you to register more than one vehicle under the same account. This allows the user to turn against the same balance for all their vehicles registered under that account. Thus, the user does not have to be verifying how much balance each of their vehicles has left individually ", added the executive director.

Finally, the engineer recalled that the AutoExpreso line 1-888-688- continues to be available. 1010, as well as more than 100 points of sale and recharging around the island, in Total and Puma gasoline garages, as well as Farmacias Aliadas.

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