June 14, 2021

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Available the form to request the credits for seniors | government

The secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés Alicea, reported that Form 481.1, to request the credit for people 65 years of age or older and the compensatory credit for low-income pensioners, of taxable year 2019, is available to be filed electronically, only.

Both will be claimed through SURI or using the free services of Tax Specialists certified by the Treasury.

“We publish the new version of Form 481.1 on our website, for informational purposes only. Starting this year, the people who meet the requirements must file the Form electronically through the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI), registering on the platform or using the services of Tax Specialists certified by the Treasury, which we put at provision, at no cost, thanks to the governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced, who enabled the Assistance Program for people of 65 years or more of low income with the signing of Law 61-2020, "explained the secretary.

Parés Alicea He said that electronic filing arises from the directive of maintaining social distancing to control the spread of Covid-19, avoiding the crowding of the public.

He also stressed that change is part of the processes of digitization of information systems and of tax administration that the Department has been implementing, to streamline the processing of returns and make payments to citizens with greater cel

“We have been modernizing the electronic administration and collection of contributions systems for several years and with the impact of Covid-19, we have increased our efforts. Likewise, Law 40-2020 amended the provisions of Section 1052.02 of the Internal Revenue Code, establishing a maximum of 30 days for us to issue payments, after claims are claimed. So, for the benefit of citizens, the electronic filing of Form 481.1, will result in a quick management for the citizen and a payment issued in a maximum of 30 days. These forms, with the required evidence, may be filed until October 14, 2020, "he added.

To complete and file Form 481.1, the citizen who decides to do it directly through SURI, must register on the platform following the steps established in the Internal Revenue Circular Letter 20-12 or by accessing the SURI home page [ http://www.suri.hacienda.pr gov] www.suri.hacienda.pr , gov and in the menu See frequently asked questions, select the subject Registration.

They may also choose the services of a Specialist in Returns, Declarations or Reimbursement Claims, available in the Specialists section, http: // www.hacienda.pr.gov/sites/default/files/specialist_internet_report_2-20-2020.pdf://19459006]. This service will only be provided by Specialists with their current registration in the Department and citizens should not pay for it, since these will be reimbursed with monies assigned from the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

“Specialists may not charge any citizen for these services. These have to include their information as a preparer in each Form 481.1 that they file and must indicate that they did not receive any payment for the preparation and filing of the same, "said Parés Alicea. through SURI, so that eligible citizens can complete and file the Form, without registering in SURI.

The $ 200 credit for people 65 and over, can be requested by residents of Puerto Rico, who do not have been claimed as dependents by another taxpayer and who had a gross income of not more than $ 15,000 for the taxable year 2019. In the case of married couples, the combined income must not exceed $ 30,000.

On the other hand, pensioners of the Administration Retirement Systems, the Judiciary, the Teacher Retirement System, the University of Puerto Rico, the Electric Power Authority and pensioners in the sector private, whose sole source of income is their pension for services rendered and it does not exceed $ 4,800 during the taxable year, they may choose a credit of $ 300. Married pensioners must claim their credit separately.

Instructions for the available options are included in the Internal Revenue Circular Letter 20-32 ( http://hacienda.pr.gov/publicaciones/carta- circular-of-internal-revenues-num-20-32-cc-ri-20-32 ). For additional information, you can send a message through your SURI account or contact (787) 945-5005.

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