May 14, 2021

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Baby contracted covid-19 from kisses from an asymptomatic father | PRESENT

NOTICIAS YA- A Texas man infected his baby with coronavirus through kisses he gave him without knowing he had the virus.

Nasim Danish was happy with the arrival of his baby during the pandemic and to protect his family and the new family member, he was in charge of leaving the house for any matter.

Now he must remain in quarantine after having transmitted the virus to his 2-month-old son.

“Okay, as if was normal, he has no pain, he has no fever, he is not coughing at the moment, "Danish told News 4 San Antonio about the current state of his son's health.

The man now suspects that he was the one who infected his son with the virus through his kisses and pampering.

"I had a very severe pain, like very strong, like body ache, fever," said Nasim, but before that there was not a single sign of COVID- 19.

Symptoms persisted for a few days before being tested for coronaviru s. While waiting, Nasim did not think once about stopping having contact with his baby.

"He was also infected because sometimes he also kissed his face, because he did not know he was with Covid-19," he highlighted Nasim.

The couple immediately took the baby to a hospital and there they confirmed that he also had coronavirus and should be in quarantine.

Nasim and Abaan were the only ones in their home, made up of eight people, who tested positive for the proof. His wife cared for the little boy while they had to be quarantined separately from each other.

Two weeks have passed since his diagnosis. Nasim was reexamined on Tuesday and if his results are negative, he may end his quarantine.

The baby has also shown improvement, but must be followed up with his doctor and tested again.

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