June 13, 2021

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Back to school will be on January 11

The Secretary of Education Eligio Hernández reported that the beginning of classes will be on January 11 for students, while teachers and principals resume functions on January 8.

However, it is still unknown if the modality in which the classes will be taught will be face-to-face, hybrid or distance education.

Hernández expressed in an interview with Telenoticias that the decision about whether the classes will be face-to-face rests with the incoming secretary, Elba Aponte.

According to the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for returning to school facilities, it is recommended that there be a positivity rate of less than five percent. So the contagions in December will be key to determine the modality for the return to classes, he indicated.

On the other hand, Hernández commented that he will leave a vaccination plan ready that implies that ten schools per educational region are suitable to immunize against COVID-19 and at least one nurse per school is required.

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