August 1, 2021

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Bad Bunny, Residente and PJ Sin Suela call for the end of bipartisanship in Puerto Rico

photo: EFE / Antoni Belchi

SAN JUAN – The urban music artists Bad Bunny, Residente and PJ Sin Suela asked the Puerto Ricans who are called to the polls in general elections this Tuesday to bet on new options and end the decades-long bipartisanship of the New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

The Puerto Rican Bad Bunny turned to his account on the twitter social network to point out “make this day complete its mission tomorrow !!! We have grown and learned as a people !!! There are many of us who want a new direction for PR. Let’s make history once again PUERTO RICO !! TOMORROW NEITHER RED NOR BLUE !!! STOP!!!”.

Bad Bunny was referring to the blue color that is the hallmark of the PNP and the red, that of the PPD, the only parties that for decades have divided the government of the Caribbean island.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny, accompanied the publication with a photo of a massive demonstration in the summer of 2019 to demand the resignation of former governor Ricardo Rosselló due to the scandal of the chat of his intimate collaborators that came to light on that date.

Bad Bunny closed the publication with the phrase “WE FINISH WHAT WE STARTED”, which is the one used in the electoral campaign by the candidate for governor for the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Alexandra Lúgaro, a party founded in 2019 that is a blow of fresh air for the political landscape of the Caribbean island.


The Puerto Rican rapper Residente turned to his Instagram account to also ask the population not to vote for the PNP that governs the island and for the opposition of the PPD.

In his publication, Residente appears with a dog and in the montage the animal speaks and says “do not vote for the red or the blue”, in addition to asking the population to “vote intelligently.”

“Here I am with a fight,” said the artist before presenting the dog that speaks in the mouth of Resident to call for the end of bipartisanship on the Caribbean island that has lasted for decades.

Resident, a few days ago, he had appeared with Manuel Natal, a candidate for mayor of San Juan by Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC), one of the two new parties in the general elections held today.

Bad Bunny had also expressed his support for Manuel Natal.

“San Juan hits Manuel Natal”, Bad Bunny had written on his Twitter account.

Puerto Rican rapper PJ Sin Suela also joined those calling for the end of bipartisanship and pointed out on social media, “WE ARE GOING TO VOTE! Because of the corruption, because of the ineptitude, because of the mistreatment, because of the deaths … Because we can no longer endure the same two parties that have been drowning and squeezing us for decades. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE PNP AND THE POPULAR. The change IS ALREADY Puerto Rico! ”, He highlighted.


Although the demonstrations of these artists took place in the last hours, Residente, his brother, the musician and music producer Eduardo Cabra, and the urban artist Brray, among others, joined other local artists who expressed their political positions in recent days. ahead of today’s general elections.

Bad Bunny began to express himself publicly about politics in Puerto Rico when he joined, along with other prominent artists, such as Ricky Martin, Residente, Tommy Torres and Sie7e, among others, to the demonstrations in the summer of 2019 to demand the departure of the then governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló.

These demonstrations, in turn, caused the artists to demand “a change” in the direction of the island.

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