March 7, 2021

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Bail man for alleged PUA fraud

Fajardo – The Police reported on Friday that charges were filed against Abraham De León Gabriel, 32, for alleged falsification of license, identity theft, fraud and appropriation in the form of attempt and possession and transfer of false document, during daylight hours today in the Court of Fajardo.

According to the police report, by the date of August 13, León Gabriel allegedly went to a branch in Fajardo of Banco Popular and tried to cash a check for $ 7,392.00 from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA) with a driver’s license through identity theft.

This case was consulted with the prosecutor Zaira Rodríguez who instructed to file the following charges: Article 215 CP Forgery of License; Article 209 CP Identity Theft; 202 (b) CP Fraud Tentative mode; Article 182 CP Appropriation of the Tentative and Article 217 CP Possession and Transfer of a false document.

The defendant was brought before Judge Irmari Colón Masso, who found cause by indicating a global bond of $ 5,000, which he provided.

Agent Kariana Lasalde, attached to the Bank Robbery Division, investigated the case.

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