June 12, 2021

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Ballots to be awarded to the candidate of direct nomination do not exceed 11, assures municipal electoral commissioner of the PPD

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San Juan – The process of counting the ballots cast in the elections in Guánica continues its process this Thursday, said Joel Rodríguez, electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) in Guánica.

“We are carrying out the work as ordered by the Supreme Court and the truth is that at the moment, the ballots to be awarded to the direct nominated candidate, Edgardo Cruz Vélez, do not exceed eleven. The process of searching for ballots with some mark or writing in the Direct Nomination column has already been completed. The 14 units, 30 schools, the 6 schools in advance and a briefcase of ballots that were found in other precincts were verified, not only the municipal ballots, the state, legislative and plebiscite ballots were also verified. Only 1 ballot with the name of Edgardo Cruz Vélez was found, so that any doubt that there are ballots to be awarded is eliminated, ”Rodríguez said in written statements.

The popular electoral commissioner for Guánica reported that all the direct nomination ballots still need to be verified, “but only those with the name of Edgardo Cruz Vélez that do not have a cross next to them. This exercise is the one that we have always indicated that the maximum of these ballots, would be up to 11, no more than that, and by awarding them, it would never exceed the total of the certified and sworn mayor, Ismael ‘Titi’ Rodríguez ”.

For his part, Mayor Rodríguez assured that “the information that the electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party, Héctor Sánchez, has been divulging in the media is false, since the process has not ended. For some reason, Sánchez did not want the municipal officials of the Guánica PNP to be present. To all Guaniqueños, we ask for calm. We are conducting the process as ordered by the Supreme Court. A clean and clear victory is the best reward, ”Rodríguez concluded.

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